Not a flying toy.

4th March 2013

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March (Holiday) Madness: March 5 - National Craft Month 

It’s Fun Facts About Names Day! Unfortunately, we don’t actually know anything about genealogy or what your name means, but we made you this handy key to help you learn a fake fact about yourself. 

Reblog with your name facts!

I’m a Casual Bouncy Castle Researcher…and somehow that’s incredibly accurate.

Tender Jennifer Lawrence Interpreter


Amazing Tumblr Expert. No shit.

Tender Justin Bieber Tattoo Hugger Day.

Line ‘em up.

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    Tender Spandex Bodysuit Corgi Expert
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    Strong horsemeat Photographer
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    Hyper Pizza Wearer
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    Wild Instagram Texter
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    Tender Emoji Researcher
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    dont hate on me, im just a wild pizza fighter
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    Tender GIF Fighter ya
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    Witty Corgi Kisser… So does that mean I’m a clever person who kisses corgis or a person who kisses clever corgis??
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    witty cat researcher accurate
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    Fancy Blog Hugger
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    If it makes you feel any better, Albus P.W.B. Dumbledore was ‘Goofy Hamburger Fal Pal Emoji Expert’?
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    Talented BuzzFeed Article Hamburger Enthusiast, Or just Talented Enthusiast
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    'Sneaky Chicken Sandwich Enthusiast' What the fuck…..
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    Goofy Corgi Fangirl. well. the last part is scarily accurate.
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    "Harsh Corgi Hugger" Holy fuck. That’s the most accurate thing I’ve ever read about me in my life.
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